Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Etui Box

I had a great day yesterday with the lovely Dee Wallis at her home making an Etui box (embroidery/sewing box). I met Dee at Dillington House a while ago where she was taking the workshop on Treasure Boxes. I completed the whole box whilst I was at Dee's and just had to finish off the embellishment when I came home. Routing round my buttons to find something suitable I came across a little bag of sewing implement buttons and the cotton reel matched perfectly!!! Yet another instance of Serendipity.... Thanks for looking.


  1. Well done for getting your etui finished and I love the fabric. I've not actually made one of these although I did make a larger haxagonal version of something similar a few years ago and still use it for my sewing bits.

  2. What gorgeous work, and love the colours


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