Saturday, 3 October 2009

Felting Mad!!

I spent yesterday morning making cobweb felt with my tutor Lyn Horniblow at the free machine embroidery course. It was great fun and next week we are going to be stitching onto this cobweb felt using free machine techniques and metallic threads so I am hoping for some amazing results. For those of you who have never made wet felt it is a pretty energetic process involving plastic sheets, towels, bubble wrap/raffia blinds/rolling pin and rolling your wool until it felts which is normally something like 800 rolls - so I don't think I'll be getting bingo wings any time soon!!!! lol

Here are some photos of the three pieces I made ready for completing next week.

Today I spent at a workshop doing Nuno felting which is a similar process but this time you felt onto silk scarves. It was a great day and I met up with some good friends which is always nice. It's a pretty messy business and we had puddles of water over the floor so had a constant chore of wiping up the mess with old towels before someone slipped. I was really pleased with my efforts but I will be adding beads to it and, maybe, some machine embroidery as well. I had to take three photos as it was so long and then stitched them together (in a photo editing programme - not on the sewing machine............) so hopefully you will get an idea of the finished piece although it was still wet when I took them. Our tutor was a lovely lady called Brenda Dunford and I have been on another of her workshops a while ago.

Thanks for looking.


  1. As you say it was a good day and good to meet up with friends. Well done for stitching your photos together, you will see I went for the casual draped approach for my picture!!

  2. Lovely stuff, Karen! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the cobweb felt :D
    Kate x


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