Wednesday, 12 December 2012

WOYWW - 184

Hi everyone - sorry that I've been missing in action and also missing from a few blog challenges but it's been mad hectic here and although I had spent time working on a secret project (to be announced next week) I am also in the throws of totally moving my craftroom!!!  So take time for a cuppa and sit down as this post is rather picture heavy and there is a finished project right at the bottom of the post.

You can imagine what it's like at the moment - can't find a thing (well, nothing strictly unusual in that......... lol).  It's been a bit of a long job as the room I'm taking over is a bedroom that had to be divested of all it's furniture, decorated and then a new wood floor laid.  At the moment half of my actual workroom has been demolished to utilise the worktop and cupboards - so half my stuff is on the floor in bags, boxes and any other handy recepticle!  I promised my very good blogging buddy Darnell that I'd post some photos today for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and although they are before and after we are further along in that most of the units and worktops are already fitted BUT most of hy DH's tools are scattered all over the floor and any space he can put them.  I will post photos of the finished room which, hopefully won't be very far away now.

 So firstly the terrible state of my room: 

 As you can see I've just about run out of available space!!  But I do actually know where everything is and things like my punches are all neat and tidy on their rails (see left), all my card/papers are in polyboxes on the shelves (right).

Another problem is that I am Parish Clerk for my village and a lot of files need to be stored which is most of the items in the picture on the left.

 And then the bliss of a totally empty room:

When I took these photos we were waiting for the skirting boards
to be delivered and also for the radiator to be put back.  This is a
much brighter room as it faces West and has a larger window.  The main reason for moving was that not only had I run out of space but because I had started off in a very small way, we just kept adding on and adding on as I got more and more stuff!  At least starting from scratch we can do it in a logical way (hopefully) and now I will have a separate space for my sewing machine, embellisher, fabrics etc with the rest given over to crafting, computer, printers etc.

Well, after that I think it's time for a cuppa but before I go I just wanted to share with you a project that I've just finished which I made on my embellishing machine.  It's been mounted onto a canvas and the centre of the flower (well that's what it looked like to me anyway) is a whole heap of tiny beads covered in Diamond Glaze.

Thanks for dropping by.  See you soon.


  1. Darnell is a good blogging buddy sharing links and welcoming new followers, that's why I stopped in. That's a total destruction zone, sorry I mean no offense, but it would drive me batty. What's an embellishing machine?

    1. Hi Carole - thanks for stopping by and, yes, it does drive me batty.......every time I tidy up it all gets messy again - think I have some naughty elves somewhere!!! lol An embellishing machine looks very much like a sewing machine but it doesn't use thread or bobbin and has several needles which are barbed. These needles attach fibres, wool tops, silk and most types of fabric to themselves or a piece of felt if you wish. On my wall hanging I have embellished fibres onto a piece of yellow felt in a very random way. It was only when I finished and looked at it that I saw a flower - hence the central stamens.

    2. Very interesting. the wall hanging is beautiful probably even more in person.

  2. I wondered where you'd got to - the new room sounds wonderful and it will be good to see pictures once it is all up and running. Not sure about just a new room, I might need another house soon if I get any more 'stuff'!!

  3. PS - forgot to say that flower looks wonderful

  4. Karen we do collect abut don't we !!!!!!!!i have just done my room as my daughter came back home !! Still haven't got enough room lol
    The flower is awesome
    Xxx hugs xxx

  5. Wow - lucky you, a brand new craft room. Beautiful canvas too - gorgeous colours - Jacqueline xx

  6. Oh must be going crazy but it will all work out in the end and you will have your fabulous new craft room up and running. Love your embellishing project and I hope I can make something half as good as this with mine which has been pushed into a corner. The colours are so vibrant absolutely outstanding.


  7. Wooo Hooo! Look at you, Karendipity! I am so excited for you, I'm about to pee myself! I daren't do a happy dance!! I can't wait to see it all finished finished and I'll bet you can't either. You two have worked so hard for this. When it's all over, you will be pinching yourselves for months at all that you accomplished!

    I'm glad Carole asked about the embellishing machine as I didn't have a clue either. Your flower looks stunning and, again, I can't wait to see the photo of it from the long angle after it is hanging on your wall!

    Take care moving back in now. Don't overdo! (I didn't play at WOYWW yesterday, just cray-cray around here and I had an emergency call from the office to boot - aacckk!) Big Hugs, Darnell

  8. Wow new space, new layout and so much better, well worth the wait. You must show finished pictures when completed. I am glad that you answered the question regarding the embellishing machine I didn't know what one was either. I think I will research one now for interest sake.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Eliza 12


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