Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hi Folks - I'm back and with a very heavily laden photo post; so take a seat and pick up your cuppa and come have a look!

Firstly I want to wish my special friend Dippy and Mister a very, very happy anniversary and I have a card for them.  I think it's fitting for Dippy as I'm sure she's up in the air most of the time!!!  lol  Just joking Darnell - you're a great blogging buddy and so supportive.  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Next I have some photos - also for Dippy (as she's been gagging for them) but also for everyone else who have kindly been enquiring how my new craft room is going along.  Well, it took much longer than anticipated but it's finally there - everything moved in (hope I can now find stuff!!!) and I'm sure I'll be doing some reorganisation along the way as I start working here but at the moment it's fine.  I'm also entering the great WOYWW blog.  So here they are:

Looking in through the door

My new card/paper unit

My desk

My eBosser station

My dedicated sewing area

Old pine unit "upcycled"!!!

Computer area

My A1 Architect's unit holding all my stamps

Think I might have a bit too much!
 You can't imagine the number of storage boxes and drawer units I took down to the charity shop yesterday - it was quite cathartic!!!  My room is on the other side of the house and faces West so is much lighter/brighter than my old room, plus it has a lovely view out on to fields.

Can't wait to get crafting now - seems like it's been far too long.
One last look at my very clear desk - it won't look like that for very long!!!  lol

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully I can now get back to normal with posts and commenting.



  1. hi Karen!

    All your hard work paid off, your craft space is beautiful! All organized for the new year and ready to go! love your stamp drawer!

    have the best time working in your new room this week,

    Thank you for sharing,

    Robin #111

  2. Wow, what a craft room - amazing, and worth the hard work. I want one, ha ha!!! Have fun crafting there. Helen 10

  3. Gorgeous room! I need you to come organize mine! #86

  4. I can imagine you are relieved to have your room sorted and it looks brilliant so I'm sure it was worth the hard work and the wait. How long before you outgrow it?? LOL!! Happy Crafting

  5. Wow...loving your craft room!! I wonder how long it will stay that nice and tidy.


  6. what a gorgeous room i am green with envy!
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  7. Oh how exciting a new craft room I loved setting up my room. You will find everything but maybe some things will be moved to different places. A lovely card thanks for sharing
    Ria #114

  8. wow fabulous craft room, so tidy, beautiful card...pam

  9. Wow! I just thought I'd gone to craft Heaven ... super work room. You just cannot ever, ever, ever, mess that one up!
    Lovely card too BTW
    love jo x

  10. Hi Karen. First of all - love the card ... and you're right, Darnell is up in the air most of the time so it's very fitting :)

    Love, love, love your craft room. Fabulous!!! So many storage units and everything stored away. When I grow up, I want to have a room just like yours :) Loll xx

  11. Oh, clap, clap!! Hello, it's me, up here. Looook up!! In the air!!

    First, such a pretty hearty card you made for me and Mister, Karendipity! I LOVE it and have pinned it to my special Pinterest board for the occasion!

    Your post is a surprise to me in TWO ways with the added treat of finally seeing your new and beautiful craft space! (I hope gagging means something not so bad over there as it does over here!) It was well worth the wait! You and your Mister have outdone yourselves. It's awesome and clean and organized and bright. Swoon me to the moon! Good job!!

    I do hope you took lots of 'before' pictures as well. THAT's the most fun for everyone to see. These 'after' pictures are certainly 'magazine ready!' I'm so happy for you to find drawers like mine for your woodens and hope you like it. I hope you like everything!! Well, really, duh, how could you not?!

    BTW, can you send me the month and day of your anni so I can return the flavor and send you a congratulations comment on your special day? Please.

    Thank you again for taking part in this! Mwah! Dippy

  12. Oh wow can I move in with you, please?

  13. oh be still my heart! SOO SO SO worth the wait! It's lovely, white, bright, organised, calm.....lovely. Wishing you hours and hours f happy escape in there!

  14. Wow Karen - I expect you'll have a great old romp around in there! Lovely card for Darnell and her Mister too! Vicky x

  15. Ooh fab, thanks for sharing the pics - no excuses for not knowing where things are now.
    Love what you've done to the pine unit too.

  16. OK, Karendipity, Dippy told me the story behind your nicknames - yours is lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with the Anniversary Fun!

  17. gorgeous card but oh my stunning craft room, mine looked like that nice and clean about two year ago!! enjoy playing in it won't you
    Hugs Kate xx

  18. Very cute card and love all the pictures of your workspace.

    Sorry I am 2 days late getting to your blog. I have been battling a nasty flu bug.
    Lori #84

  19. Love your card but love your craft room even more - so nice to be able to have a whole room organised for crafting - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk

  20. Fabulous she says as she tries to lift her jaw off of the floor !!!!!! What an amazing crafty space and so much of it and not only that but you have so much stuff OMG lucky you . Karen looks like all of your hard work has paid off its sensational !> Love the card for Darnell and the Mister, I do love a heart or two.


  21. What a lovely space. So bright and cheery. The drawers that hold your stamps are GREAT! I also like the bookcase with the skinny cubbies. I look forward to seeing what you create in your new room
    April #141


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