Sunday, 3 August 2014

How did I do????????

Just a quick post from me today to let you know how I got on at the Annual Horticultural Show yesterday............

If you remember I asked everyone to vote on the bee photo and although most people voted on number three which showed the bee at the side of the leek bloom I actually went with number two which showed the back of the bee with the amazing detail of the wings.  Just had a gut feeling and my good pal Darnell (Dippy) of D J Kard Creations agreed with me.

I also entered one of my pyramid boxes and my large velvet creation and a mixed media piece.  I also entered the "potato in a bucket" competition which is where they give you one potato and a bucket earlier in the year and the one to have the most potatoes (by weight) wins.

So here are a few photos - just reminders of the box and velvet etc - and a photo of what I got at the end of the day.



So, three First prizes, one Second prize and one Third prize.  My pyramid box also won a Special Award (best in show).  I also won two silver cups; one for the exhibitor who gained most points in the handicraft section and the other was awarded to the best exhibit.  Can't show you the cups as they had to be handed back to go to the engravers to have my name put on them.  Was I chuffed? You bet!  

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Happy crafting.


  1. Well done Karen, you did really well. I remember when I entered the Dorset County Show, that was huge, and was thrilled to bits, I entered 11 classes, had 7 Firsts 2 seconds 1 third and Overall winner in the peoples choice, i could not enter the next years as I just had my knee op but would have like to have. What did you get for the Angie piece as I cant read the cards, not very clear?

  2. Didn't you do well? Many congratulations

  3. wow well done Karen....what a haul of prizes....and your pyramid box is perfect!.....xxxx

  4. I knew when I met you I should have asked for your autograph. Well done you. Wow, that is some achievement but each certificate justly deserved. Beautiful artwork on display and I see you came second in the potato growing. What fun that must have been - how many potatoes did you have in your bucket?
    Chuffed for you
    Hugs, Neet xxx

  5. Wow, well done Karen, what a haul!!! Now you'll need to find a suitable place for the cups:)
    Val x

  6. Oooh, well done, Karendipity! You've made me feel quite smart and intuitive, too!! I'm very happy for you and proud of you!! Looks like you'll be needing a room addition for the trophys!! Hive five and hugs from your teamie, Dippy

  7. WOW, Karen, a very big congrats from me for winning such a lot of prizes!! You go girl!!! Remember to post pics of the trophies when you get them!!! I'm so happy for you!!

    Have a super week!!

  8. Amazing entries ... and congrats to you on your wins Karen! Loll xx

  9. Wow, how fantastic, Karen ... many congratulations on such a huge haul, you must be so chuffed! Anita :)

  10. wow didn't you do well congratulations
    Kate xx

  11. Congratulations Karen and well deserved


  12. Congrats on winning. I love that one card with all the colours and it looks 3D anmd so did you do that? It's beautiful!

  13. Congratulations! Well done you!


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