Friday, 17 April 2009

And now for something different!!

When we first moved to Somerset 12 years ago my sister gave us a house nameplate which had been painted by a friend of hers who did bargework. However, 12 years out in all weathers hasn't done it any favours and it is virtually unreadable and flaking badly. I had bought a wood blank a couple of years ago thinking I might make another one to replace it and had never got round to doing anything with it. For some reason inspiration struck this week and I am now waiting for the varnish to dry before setting it in it's new position. I painted the wood blank with acrylics and then coloured the stamps I had chosen with Impress Dual Markers and edged the piece using the same markers.

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  1. That is great and yet another use for stamps!! I wouldn't have thought of that.


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