Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Flap Card

You know what it's like when you order something on a whim and then when it arrives you don't really know what to do with it????? Hmm, I'm sure there are lots of you who've been through this. I had ordered a Baroque set which included some die cuts and they had been sitting around for quite a while so thought I'd better make use of them.

I started off wanting to use a larger square card and this one is 7" x 7" which you get by cutting two A4 sheet to 7" wide and leaving the length as is, turn them landscape and score at 7". Cut one flap to 3 1/2" and punch a decorative edge. Stick the back of one piece onto the inside back of the other and you have your outer card. For the inner card I have done the same but cut the pieces of A4 slightly smaller to fit inside the larger card and also made it a gatefold. Lay your outer card with the decorative edge at the top on your work surface and attach the gatefold card to the centre section. This way when you open the main card the inner flaps open out to give you a card that will sit nicely on a surface.

I decorated the front sides of the inner card with some of the die cut decoupage and added an insert. I tied some ribbon to the top outer flap and then punched out three circles which would act as a closure for the card. On top of the circles I added a bird on a branch which was punched out using my new Stampin Up punch. This was added to the front of the card using some d/s foam which allows the top edge to be caught underneath so the card closes.

As I was making the card up I happened to look out of the window and staring back at me was this beautiful Sparrow Hawk - absolutely lovely to look at but such a predator for the smaller birds in our garden. Luckily he stayed long enough for me to take a photo but then flew away - without lunch!!!

Thanks for looking.


  1. A great card Karen very lucky you were to spot the sparrow hawk it's a beautiful bird.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one to buy things and then not use them!! You've used them well here and well done for spotting the sparrow hawk an impressive bird but not nice for the smaller ones in the garden


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