Saturday, 11 December 2010

Batch card making.........

Sorry I haven't been posting very often over the last couple of weeks but things have been really hectic having attended two craft fairs - I don't think people (unless you do them yourselves) really understand the amount of work involved.  Anyway they were both really successful but I was amazed that I have sold nearly all my Christmas cards.  I know my friend Anne doesn't bother taking Christmas cards to fairs as she finds people don't buy them as they can be bought very cheaply now.  Anyway most people seemed to be buying them as "specials" which was very nice.  Only problem is that it has left me seriously short of cards for myself!!!!! lol

So today I decided I needed to do some batch card making which isn't really something I enjoy, but needs must...........

I have used my village stamp from Create-a-Scene, some metal embossing, a LOTV image, a digi stamp and completed a card after Jan gave me a template (for the Christmas Tree).  So I haven't been lazing about - but just pretty busy.   After a few requests from people to take some photos of my new craft room I was going to do it today until I realised it needs a serious tidy up before I take any photos (doesn't take long eh????) so hopefully tomorrow I will get that done and post the photos.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Well done - you have been busy but I don't much like batch production either. I think there are wicked elves who get into craft rooms overnight and hurl things about and leave things all over the table making it untidy!! That's my theory anyway.


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