Sunday, 20 February 2011

And now for something a little different.............

Thought I'd share this project that I have just finished in my free machine embroidery class.  It's a wall hanging and has been made totally from scratch.  I started off with a base of felt and layed sheers in different colours over the top;  this was then free machined to give a piece of fabric that could be used for this project.  Eight circles were cut out of the fabric in four different sizes and then sewn together to make the four "cones". 

On the remaining fabric I used my flower stitch attachment and stitched lots of circles, some overlapping and then a part of this was cut out and had the centres of the circles removed - this was used on the largest cone to add texture; beads were then added to the centre of the circles.  Other circles were cut out singly and then manipulated to give a twisted shape and were added to the hanging and then beaded. 

The tassle was made by hand and has a topping of another small cone and then beads were added.  The cord was made on the sewing machine by using a zigzag stitch over a long length of yarn. 

Lastly I took eight more circles that I had made using my flower stitcher and cut out the centres.  These were put together with the cord threaded through to make an embellishment for the cord.

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  1. Karen these are absolutely gorgeous and so clever....and just love the colours.. I shall look forward to seeing them in the flesh on Friday..


  2. Brilliant and I can see Lynne's influence going on here - hours of work as I well know.

  3. WOW!!! What a beautiful piece of work, love the colours and the cord embellishment. Now we know who got all the patience in our family:)) xx

  4. Fantastic work, Karen! I would love to try some 3D work but have so far been too scared - thank you for the inspiration!
    Kate x

  5. Karen it is beautiful, and what patience you must have to do this work!


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