Sunday, 28 April 2013

Burning Issues............

Hi everyone - hope you're having a good weekend.  Does anyone know where the good weather that was forecast has gone????  Cold, wet, miserable - and it's the end of April!

I was asked to take my "wares" along to a sale yesterday morning so I duly paid my money for the table and turned up at around 9.30am - after setting up (which normally takes about 45 minutes or so) thought I'd have a look round at the other sellers' say I wasn't a happy bunny is an understatement - there were three other people selling cards and seeing as there were only about 20 tables in the hall this was absolutely ludicrous.  It's not good for the people paying to come in and it's not very good at all for us poor folk trying to sell a few things.  One lady who passed my table was heard to say "not more cards!!!" - needless to say she didn't even bother to stop to look at all the other stuff that I was selling.

Anyway I thought I'd share with you a little project I started on Thursday when Jan and I did a workshop with the fabulous Margaret Beal working with organza, felt and a soldering iron.  It wasn't finished as we only had about 50 minutes at the show - so had a play this morning and this is the finished "sampler".  Basically it is cutting (to show different colour fabrics underneath) and making marks with the soldering iron and fusing together and onto felt.  Margaret had a few metal objects that we could "draw" around to cut out the organza or just to make marks and I said to Jan we could use our metal out they came and I had fun playing with cutting out some leaves and the large flower on the top left hand side.  I thought the abstract piece (bottom right) looks a bit like a landscape.  It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Unfortunately I just couldn't seem to capture the vibrancy of the pieces in the photos as the organza really does sparkle and shimmer, but it gives you an idea.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your lovely comments.


  1. Wowza, Karendipity, it might be cold, wet, and miserable outside, but inside you are creating a rainbow of brilliant art!! These are magnificent!!

    As for the show, what a bummer. I'm really sorry that happened. xxoo Darnell

  2. Your project looks lovely Karen, very clever! The is a shame about the fair, like you say it doesn't favour anyone - better luck next time.

  3. this is great and definitely warms you up and sure the sun will follow shortly and as for the table, shame they did not consider that your work is amazing as was worth the viewing
    Hugs Kate x


  4. Bad luck about the craft fair - not on really to have too many repeat tables is it. I have Margaret's book and your post has made me think I should get it out and have a play but first of all I have lawns to mow.


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