Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Another day - another post!

Hi Folks - well what an awful day; it's been pouring with rain - so much so quite a few roads were flooded........and it's cold!  So yet another excuse to come up to my craft room!!! lol

Following on from the fabric boxes I have just finished a bread basket which I found to be a real pain.........not sure whether it's me and I'm having a senior moment but I was having all sorts of problems trying to sew down the "track lines" enclosing the card and wadding as I didn't have enough room between the needle and the machine body.  I turned it upside down, inside out and every which way; but ended up having to hand sew a couple of lines.  There must be an easier way!

Anyway here it is - I made it in the same fabric as one of the serviette boxes so hopefully they might get sold together (as long as no-one looks too closely at my hand sewing!)

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. love it Karen your table will look fab
    hugs xxxx

  2. Hi Karen. So glad you persevered to finish this box because it is GORGEOUS! I'm sure they will be lining up to buy this one! Loll xx

  3. It looks fabulous Karen I wonder what ever happened to the one I had, they were de riguer in the 70's :)
    Val x

  4. Glad you finally managed to 'crack' the pattern the fabric...after the first one the rest will be easy


  5. looks fantastic Karen, this will be a real seller.

  6. I would have problems just with the sewing machine I have broken two in one year, just maybe that I was not meant to sew on cards lol, but loving your bread basket
    Hugs Kate x

  7. I've never actually made one of these - intended to several times but that's as far as it got so can't help with the problem. This looks very good anyway but I guess you won't be going into major production with them!!

  8. You've done a grand job, love the fabric. These would make great presents.

  9. Oh, my, Karendipity, this is so well made!! I'm sorry you had fits with it, but honestly it looks like it comes from a high-end specialty store!! I'm also sorry to hear about the rain and hope it stops soon! Hugs! Dippy

  10. I am sure this will be really perfect. Gorgeous fabric you have used for it which will go with most colour schemes so easily.
    Oh dear when it rains here it rains - and does not know when to stop. Do what I do and convince yourself it is for the grass and flowers.
    Hugs neet xx


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