Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tag Book

Last weekend our friend Sue opened her beautiful garden under the yellow book scheme for the first time.  I know she was pretty nervous about it but she needn't have been.  The garden was absolutely beautiful and with a thatched cottage as a backdrop she couldn't go wrong.

She must have worked so hard and it certainly showed.  The planting was amazing and the garden itself had lots of meandering walks around the various beds.  On the Sunday Sue had 180 visitors which she was delighted with.  We went on Monday and it was very busy with lots of people sitting around the garden drinking tea and eating lovely cakes and scones.

As well as all the flowers to look at Sue had put on a small exhibition of her textile work in the summer house and then when you had your fill of these delights there was the plant sales and all the chickens to look at including a pair of very handsome roosters!!

I thought Sue would like a memento of the open garden and so I decided to make a small tag book using the photos I took on the day.


  1. That looks really great and I'm sure it will be much appreciated. I'm pleased you had a good time

  2. Oh Sue will love this Karen, absolutely beautiful...


  3. That is lovely Karen. I was there too - we must of just missed each other somewhere. By the time we had met a few people, studied the plant sales, admired the beautiful garden and had tea & scones we were there a little while! Well done to Sue, she will love the book.

  4. Yes I was there too on the Sunday, I have passed this cottage many times and never realised that the garden was so large. A very colourful garden and a bonus to have the live stock to see. I am sure Sue will be really please with the tag book you made for her.

  5. Saw this for real last night... and definately has the 'WOW' factor... gorgeous


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