Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ribbon Flowers for a 100th Birthday

Ages ago, and I can't exactly remember how long, my friends and I went to a craft show and were all tempted by a stand making ribbon flowers and bows.  We all ended up buying the DVD and metres of florists ribbon.  I must admit I did watch the DVD but since then everything has been gathering dust until today.

At the weekend we are going to a 100th birthday party and I really wanted something nice to go on top of our present.  Hmmm, then I remembered the ribbons and DVD so I hunted round and managed to find everything I needed and for a first attempt at the roses and large flower (difficult to see in the photo) I was quite pleased with the outcome.  I just hope Gladys likes it.

Her birthday is actually today so I do hope she's received her card from the Queen!!!

Thanks for looking.


  1. What a beautiful decoration - I am sure it will do the job perfectly! Nothing is ever wasted in the crafting world - if you keep it long enough it will always come in for something - lol!!!

  2. That looks amazing and I'm sure it is even better in real life - she should love it. I've always managed to resist these demonstrations at shows!!

  3. That does look complicated, but it looks excellent, I sure she will love it


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