Sunday, 8 August 2010

Blowing my own trumpet!!!!!

Forgive me for "blowing my own trumpet" but I was tickled pink yesterday.  I had entered some of my goodies in the Queen Camel & District Horticultural Society's Annual Show.  When we went along yesterday afternoon I was amazed to find that I had won four 1st prizes, one third prize, two "best in show" rosettes and two silver cups.................. you could have blown me down with a feather!!

I had entered my nuno felting on silk scarf, a free machine embroidered bag, a mixed media painting of a sunflower, a dish of cherry tomatoes (all of these got 1st prizes) and a Dorset apple cake (3rd).  Here's a photo of my certificates and rosettes - I have to wait for the silver cups as they have gone away to be engraved.

Well, I won't be posting much over the next seven days as I am off on a week's course to learn how to make stained glass at a lovely place called Dillington House........... hopefully will be able to show you a finished project at the end of the week.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Well done Karen, I think you are very well deserved to blow your own trumpet for that little lot, very impressive!
    Enjoy your course too (always come with lovely lunches courses at Dillington!).

  2. Congratulations, you did do well. Enjoy your couse at Dillington and we look forward to seeing your results here soon.

  3. Congratulations and of course you should blow your own trumpet (just in case no-one else does it for you!!). Have a great time at Dillington - wonderful surroundings, great food and an interesting course - what else could you ask for??


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