Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's surprise

Happy Wednesday to everyone - did you remember it was Pancake Day yesterday???  I totally forgot until I was in the middle of cooking dinner and my DH said oh goody are we having pancakes.........ooops!!!  Normally we get adverts for about a week beforehand for things like pancake mix and lemons but I didn't see one - well that's my excuse anyway!

Now, on to today's post.  I just wanted to give a shout out for my wonderful blogging friend Darnell of djkardkreations fame (or Dippy as she's known to me).  In the post came this lovely envelope all the way from the USA and enclosed was this gorgeous creation:

What a fabulous lady eh?  We've only met over the ether but often email each other etc for a chat.  Have you been to visit her blog yet?  If not you are definitely missing a huge treat - she will keep you in stitches all day long.

So, from both me and Tony a HUGE thank you Dippy and hope you and Mister have a wonderful Valentine's Day.       


  1. Hi Karen ... yes, she is such a sweetie ... and you're right ... if anyone hasn't been for a visit to the Playhouse they're definitely missing out! Anita :)

  2. What a lovely surprise and a fab card.

  3. fabulous card to recieve Karen. pam

  4. Well, lookie there! You are too kind to tell the world and show me and my card off so wonderfully! Blessings to you both! Mwah!!

    Now about pancake day. Truly? A whole day devoted to pancakes?? Do people give cards for this day, too? Are there stamps with pancakes on them? And why lemons, we don't put lemons on pancakes that I'm aware of. You must devote a blog post to explaining this wonderous event, the history, the details. You have intrigued me. Don't make me write up one of my own make-believe histories ...!

  5. oh this is wonderful what a great creation
    Hugs Kate xx

  6. What a sweet friend you have & such a stylish card too :) We missed Pancake day this year too - gutted! x

  7. Well I think Darnell should write up one of her stories they are always so entertaining ! Here in Greece they put maple syrup on their pancakes or honey but being a good British girl I prefer lemon but not those terrible imitation squeezy ones ! How lovely of Darnell to send the card its just gorgeous.



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