Sunday, 10 February 2013

Magical Creatures

Happy Sunday everyone.  Hope you're all well - we're beginning to develop webbed feet down here in Somerset - it just hasn't stopped raining and rather than a field at the back of us we now have a lake!!!

Anyway just thought I'd show you what I made at a workshop I attended yesterday at my Blackmore Vale Embroiderers Guild.  The title of the workshop was "Magical Creatures" and it was all hand sewing and then getting messy playing with various paints and inks to colour our creations.  They were then embellished with beads, ribbons and whatever you had to hand.  So please met my Magical Mermaid!  Thought she fitted the weather perfectly at the moment..........

Take care and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Gorgeous mermaid but don't let her out I reckon even a mermaid could drown in the rain we've had today.

  2. Mmmmmmmm different for you and love the change must be in the water sorry could not help myself
    Hugs Kate x

  3. What a hoot! She is absolutely precious, Karendipity! Stay safe there and I'm praying the lake don't rise!!

  4. Good job you've got a lake and not a field ... this little cutie will be right at home! Anita :)

  5. Karen I love her and especially her sea shell bra made me smile. What a gorgeous thing she is looks like a lot of hard work.



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