Saturday, 30 November 2013

Can you guess what it is yet?????

Hello everyone - I've just got back from a Christmas Fair which was pretty successful - yippee!!!  Now, be warned, you'll probably need a cuppa for this post as it's WAY photo-heavy!

So, firstly as I've mentioned before I was very busy leading up to this fair making things - hence the question "can you guess what it is yet?"  Here's a clue:

Have you guessed?  Here it is in all it's glory.............

A fabric Christmas tree...........
and the surprise?????

full of yummy choccies!!!
These are quite large at about 12" high so you can get lots of Ferrrero Rocher in it!!!!  lol

And all the following photos show the goodies I've been making for the Christmas merry-go-round:

A fabric box similar to the Christmas Tree but with a shaped base

A fabric casket (which was filled with Ferrero Rocher today)

Another fabric wine box

Some decorated candles

A fabric After Eight Box - full, of course!!!

Tea light holders and boxes of After 8's

And lastly a couple of photos of my table today - I really, really needed two tables as I couldn't fit all my stuff on one 6 foot table but they were expensive (£25 each) and you need to know you will cover the cost of the table and then make some money for yourself.  Still, I'm doing another one in a couple of weeks time and I've got two tables for that which will be good.

It was lovely seeing Jill and her Mum, Heather, today - they were having a day out and we were the second craft fair they had been to and were heading off for Stourhead..........the best weather to see it in all its glory - hope you both had a great time.

Right better go and see to some dinner preparation.  Hope I haven't bored you silly...............have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing - just think in four weeks time it will be all over!!!!!

Happy crafting.


  1. WOW! You have certainly been busy & festively creative, I'm sure you sold lots - so many wonderful pieces. Hugs Bev x

  2. An amazing array of wonderful creations Karen, glad you had a good day!
    Val x

  3. Karen what a star you are !!!! Not only an excellent card maker, jewelry designer but these projects are sensational very classy indeed . No wonder you did so well I never usually have the luck to see anything of this calibre when I go to craft fairs. Congratulations !!! I love those boxes stunning.


  4. A great stall brimming with goodies. All the fabric boxes were gorgeous and the pictures were beautiful.

  5. OMG Karen ... you are soooooo talented. I mean, I already knew that from your card making ... but all the other gorgeous items on your table just blew me away! :) Lovely, lovely, lovely ... I'm sure you had people lined up fighting over items! Loll xx

  6. Your table looks lovely Karen and you certainly have been a busy all your different boxes....pleased it went well for you..


  7. What a wonderland of talent and design in this post, Karendipity! Do you find that you have been much more productive since the craft room overhaul? I'm just curious. Coz, boy, you really put out the goods this year and lots of them. No wonder you need more room to showcase everything in all its glory!! Good luck with the next one, although I'm sure you'll do great!! Big hugs, Dippy


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