Sunday, 23 February 2014

A gift to remind you.............

As I mentioned the other day our good friends and neighbours are leaving the village next week to move to West Sussex.  You all saw the new home card that I made them and now here is their gift that I've been working on.

I thought it would be nice for them to have something to remember the village by and we have a copse that is very popular with everyone, especially dog walkers, and Annie and Brian often go up there.  I decided to do a piece of drawn thread work whereby you remove all the horizontal threads in a marked square on the fabric, leaving just the vertical threads.  You then free machine these threads together to make the tree stems and branches.  The backing is hand dyed fabric and the foreground has been needle felted using my embellisher. As it was quite a large mount I decided to bring one of the trees outside the piece of work onto the mount itself and matched this up with some of the foreground which balanced it.  They are both coming to dinner tomorrow night for a final farewell and we will be giving them their card and gift then.  Hope they like it.

Hope you've all had a good weekend.  We had a fairly nice Friday and Saturday (albeit cold) with some blue skies and sunshine but back to not so nice today - very windy with strong gusts and showers.  Forecast for the South West isn't very good for the coming week.  In the garden all snowdrops are out and bobbing their heads, we have leaves and buds on some clematis, crocus, daffodils and more - you'd think it was Spring........apart from the weather!!!  I'm sure it will arrive sometime but I'm not holding my breath!!! lol

Happy crafting.


  1. Wow, this is a stunning piece of art work and I'm sure your friends will find it pride of place in their new home. The amount of work that must have gone in to this beautiful scene shows what a talented, creative person you are. So beautiful.

  2. Gasp ... this is breathtaking, Karen ... so lovely ... I'm sure your friends will treasure it always! Anita :)

  3. Gorgeous piece Karen, beautiful colours on the felting, annie and Brian will love it! My camellia has started flowering so my pruning didn't destroy it!!
    Val x

  4. Stunning! This is an amazing piece of art ... and reading how to you it - wow - a lot of work ... but all done with love, which is so apparent! Your friends will be blown away by this. Loll xx

  5. hi Karen, this looks amazing, sound like a lot of work, your friends will treasure this.

  6. Beautiful work Karen love the gorgeous colours and I am sure your friends loved it

  7. Pure work of art ,they will love it
    Big hugs xx

  8. What a wonderful reminder of their time in the West Country - I am sure they will treasure it. Beautiful!!

  9. Oh, Karen your friends are going to LOVE this!!! You've done an amazing job and created a lovely work of art!!! Enjoy the visit with them and I'm holding thumbs that spring won't take too long before it arrives!!

  10. This is a absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it. This comes closer to art than craft IMO. I'm sure your friend loved it also.


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