Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nothing crafty...........

Hello everyone - just popping by to show you a couple of photos I took last week.  We have a family of buzzards virtually at the bottom of our garden nesting in the tree.  The pair have had two chicks.........although they are about the same size as Mum & Dad but make an awful lot of noise!!!  lol

Here is Mum (or Dad?)

Here is one of the chicks

Ain't nature wonderful?


  1. Brilliant - all I have are pigeons nesting!!

  2. Great photos Karen and so lucky to have a front row seat


  3. Oh, Karen, having these stunning birds have a nest so close by must be wonderful!! My husband and eldest son are very keen birders - will show them these photo's - they will enjoy it so much!! TFS!!

  4. You know I love my birds, from teeny hummers to our big Cooper's hawks, so I LOVED that you shared these, Karendipity! How fun for you!! Hugs, Dippy

  5. Great photo's, Karen ... how fortunate youare to have these guys close by (despite the noise!) Anita :)

  6. How fantastic - beats the crows and seagulls making too much noise out the back of our house!


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