Monday, 17 August 2009

I'm back!!!

Gosh, am I relieved to be able to post again...... but do I feel silly or what!!!! Had all this trouble with my camera not working and then being lucky enough to get the same model on eBay which, when it arrived, also didn't work. Thought I was going to have to fork out for a new camera. Went into Jessops who reckoned it would be £100 to repair and also went into Maplin Electronics to see if they could help but they couldn't. I was just hanging on the phone waiting to speak to Sony when I was flicking through the manual and the following jumped out at me "do not use lithium batteries". Hmmm - well I have been using lithium batteries for the last 18 months as they last so long. Anyway, I swiftly put down the phone (although I think I would have been holding on for a month of Sundays......) and we found some Ni-MH batteries; put them in my original camera and hey presto it worked!! Then tried out the new camera and, guess what............. that one works as well. Definitely got a red face at the moment, but my only saving grace is that neither my husband, the experienced camera shop or the electronics shop twigged and I told them all I used lithiums. Anyone want a perfect, working order, Sony digital camera????? LOL

Back to business. At club night last week I did a stint with friendly plastic (although I am positive it should be called unfriendly.........). The girls seemed to like my samples and demonstration so thought I would share them with you - now that I can photograph them.

Thanks for stopping by. :o)

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  1. Lovely cards Karen, just sorry I couldnt come to the class.


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