Thursday, 16 July 2009

I am delighted to introduce.............

I've finally finished Damson, my first attempt at bear making. My friends Anne and Jan came over today and Dee, who has been showing us how to make the bears, came to oversee the final embellishments which were adding the nose and mouth and sewing on the ears. Damson's nose has been hardened using watered down PVA and then polished with black shoe polish to give it a shine. I wanted to give her a smile rather than a normal bear mouth and I think it's turned out well. The final touch was to add a ribbon in her hair and to give her a necklace made out of knitted wire with beads. I am really pleased and she will definitely be sitting on the end of my bed tonight............ seeing as my DH is away for a couple of days on an Open University course Damson can keep me company. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. She is gorgeous - so satisfying to actually make your own personal bear!!


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