Thursday, 30 July 2009


Well, for once I am totally lost for words............... which doesn't happen too often!! LOL

Just over a week ago I ordered a set of four La Blanche foam Christmas stamps from QVC. I already have some of these foam stamps and they give a lovely crisp image and are very reasonably priced. Anyway, they arrived on the doorstep yesterday afternoon and I quickly opened the packet to be faced with this:

Two stamps were perfectly okay; unopened etc. But the other two had been hacked around with a craft knife and stamped using, I think, Staz-on ink!!!! Now, correct me if I'm wrong but the only person who says she cuts round these foam stamps is Dawn Bibby herself........... I've never found the need myself but heyho!!

I immediately rang QVC asking why I had been sent secondhand goods and the guy at the other end of the phone said "I'm not sure I would call them secondhand"........ well when my OH had scraped me down from the ceiling I asked what else he would call cut and used stamps but secondhand. He then said he had never heard of this happening before and is sending me a free returns label............ I will be very interested to hear what they have to say!! Watch this space.


  1. Good on you for posting this Karen.....wouldn't you have thought the 'packer' would have noticed that 2 stamps had been used???? Will keep my eyes open for 'updates' and lets hope you get your replacement UNUSED stamps ASAP......


  2. As you say - unbelievable! I too will be interested to hear what the outcome is but how disappointing to have to return them and wait for replacements.


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