Friday, 11 December 2009

Emerging from the chaos of my workroom!!!

Can't believe it's over two weeks since I posted but apart from having an absolutely fantastic long weekend in Paignton with Christine Coleman, Alison Yeates and Anne, Jan & Jill, I then had a couple of days up in London and have been trying to catch up ever since.

We had a great weekend of parching with lots of laughs and some serious hard work. I haven't done that much parchment crafting, especially grid/lace work so when we were faced with our first challenge I nearly went home!!! lol It was the most beautiful rose surrounded with two frames and lace work.

We settled down to doing the outer and inner frames and then were asked to do the rose next - terrified I was going to mess up big time I decided, along with the other girls, to do a "practice" piece which actually turned out nicely. Trouble is when you've done it once and are pleased with it you are a bit loathe to try it again.............. still we did and luckily that turned out okay as well. Then came the terrifying job of the lace work.

By now it was about 11pm on the Saturday night and I started confidently enough - but unfortunately a bit too confidently! I had nearly finished the gridwork and found that I had made a mistake right at the top of the piece of work.......... won't tell you what I said. Anyway Janet said we could rectify it but without going into too much detail that went wrong as well. But I have saved the piece by pricking out the rose and two frames and I am going to have a go at the lace work now I have some time to spare. Hopefully the rose can then be mounted on top of the lace work in a 3D manner.

These are photos of my practice piece with the single frame and the main piece with the double frame. I know I shouldn't say it myself but I was really pleased with the roses as I think white work looks stunning when it's done properly.

The other photo is of Anne and Jan working hard although it looks like Jan was tearing her hair out............ probably because of me!!!! lol

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