Monday, 21 December 2009


Well, I know I said I probably wouldn't post again this side of Christmas but I have been playing with stamping reflections this afternoon trying to get ahead as it's one of the projects we are doing with our craft club in January.

I used two methods - using the brayer on the tree scene and using acetate on the boy fishing. I must admit I definitely prefer using the brayer as you get a much better image.

For the tree scene I inked up the stamp, which was in my stash and I can't remember where it came from (!!!!), and then ran the brayer up the inked stamp. I then rolled the brayer to the bottom of the image and rolled it over my coated cardstock and voila you get your reflected image. I then turned round the cardstock, inked up my stamp again and lined up the image with the reflection and stamped. The water was created by inking up the brayer and then running it over a crumped piece of copy paper. I used a mask for the sun and brayered over it and then removed it and then stamped my cloudy sun image (Clarity Stamps) over.

The boy fishing image was made in the same way except that you ink your stamp and then stamp the image onto acetate which is then placed over your cardstock, laid down and lightly rubbed over. I think there is a problem with this stamp as it wouldn't ink properly but is borrowed from a friend so I will ask her about it.

A quick tip - the Stampin Scrub from Stampin Up is amazing to clean your brayer on as it's a perfect size.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Reflections can be fun and often a bit hit and miss but these are great.


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