Monday, 18 January 2010

Unusual shaped card...........

My sister Val sent Tony and I a very unusual shaped card for our anniversary in October. It's been sitting on my desk waiting to be looked at more closely but what with Christmas etc I just haven't had the time.

Today I decided to investigate the card a little more closely and I must admit the first thing Val said to me was "I bet you'll take it apart to see how I made it"............... well, you're right!

I'm really not sure what to call it - perhaps an envelope card? If anyone out there knows the proper name I would love to know.

You need a 12x12" piece of double sided card which is cut out (using my sister's as a template......) and then it's folded diagonally with more folds going in horizontally. When you have glued the card together the right side is folded over first, then the left side and the top flap is tucked inside the opening in the top of the left piece. All that's needed then is some stamping (Hero Arts Real Dill) and matting and layering. The sentiment inside is from Circa Stamps and one I use a lot and I finished off with some white peel off flowers.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. I've seen these cards and demonstrated them with instructions a while ago at a local show (you know where). I think it was called an envelope fold card.


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